System Requirements

To successfully install Modern School Management System, Ensure your server meets the requirements listed below :

  • PHP >= 7.2.0
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

NOTE :: In most hosting accounts this extensions are configured by default. But do well to check with your hosting provider.


After uploading and extracting the ZIP file you downloaded on your server, open the project folder and copy everything in the public folder to the public_html folder on your server. From the files you copied to the public_html folder, open the index.php file on your server's online editor and edit the code to look like the one below

Note*** if you renamed the project folder name you downloaded, ensure to replace the ModernSMS on the screenshot with your project folder name.

Follow the steps listed below to successfully install the software on your server. Ensure to have created a database on your server with the password and username saved somewhere to successfully complete the steps below.

  1. After unzipping the files and following the instructions above to correct configure your server, navigate to this https://yourdomain/install url in your browser to begin the installation, your screen should be like the one below
  2. Click on the Check Requirements button to continue. Ensure your server meets the requirements listed above. If your server meets the requirements, your screen should look like this
  3. If your screen looks like the screenshot above, click on the Check Permissions button to continue. Your screen should be like the one below if your file has the exact same permissions. If it's not ensure to change your file/folder directory permissions to 775 and click Configure Environment to continue.
  4. Click on the Form Wizard Setup button to complete your environment settings using guided form fields.
  5. Your screen should be like the one below. Fill the form fields correctly by entering the App Name, Set the App Environment field to production, set the field App Debug to false, On the App Log Level Select debug as it is on the screen below. Enter your domain in the App Url field following this format https://yourdomain.
  6. Click on the Setup Database button to setup your database configuration following the guide on the screenshot below.
  7. Finish installation by clicking on the Setup Application button and if your screen is like the one below then you have successfully installed the app. Click on the exist button to start using the app immediately!

After a successful installation of the app, continue reading below to know how to easily navigate and take full advantage of the features currently existing in the application.

Using Modern School Management System

A quick overview on how Modern School Management System works. The system enables you to create classes and assign different subjects to each class. There's also a feature which enables you to create subjects dynamically. Students logs into their dashboard using a dynamic generated admission number and password from the system during the time of registration. Students gets promoted to their next classes after successful passing of previous class. School fees can be paid by students Parent/Guardian from the parent/guardian dashboard. The system enables you to record attendance of students. You can create different levels of teachers to manage and teach students.

Proprietor Dashboard

The proprietor has access to the following features listed below :
  1. Staff Management :

    Under the staff management section we can create staffs and assign roles with predefined permissions to them. we can view all staffs, update and delete their personal informations from the school database.

    Update/ delete Staffs Personal informations from database

  2. Staff Restrictions :

    Suspend and sack any staff from the school and deny them access to the school portal by specifing duration of suspension. If restriction type is sacked then staff will no longer be able to access him/her portal unless the restriction was lifted.

    View/lift all restrictions placed on any staff.

  3. Students Management :

    The student management consists of 7 sections -

    1. Register students
    2. View All students
    3. Promote Students
    4. Student Restrictions
    5. Register Parents
    6. View All Parents
    7. View Parents Appeal

    Under this section we can register/promote student to a new class, suspend or expel student from school. we can register a new parent/guardian and place him/her under a student, view parent details, view student school attendances, pending fees and current class. View parents appeal on behalf of their wards under suspension or expulsion.

  4. Front CMS Management :

    The front CMS management consists of 4 sections which are -

    1. Banner Management
    2. Event Management
    3. Review Management
    4. Team (or Teachers) Section Management
    5. Web Page Settings

    With Front CMS Management we will manage our school frontsite. Here we will create Banner Images, Event, Reviews and Team or School Teachers section on our school home page . We would change School logo, add contact informations such as our social media platforms, email address and phone number.

  5. Academics Management :

    The academics management consists of 3 sections -

    1. Classes
    2. Subjects
    3. News/Announcements

    Under academics management we can create and manage all classes, create subjects and assign them to any class. We can also create announcement and have them sent to a specific user level in our school system or have them sent as a general news/announcement to the school.

Staff Dashboard

Staff Login -

Each staff can access their dashboard using this link http://yourdomain/staff/login

A staff can be any of the following user roles listed below -
  1. Accountant/Secretary
  2. Principal
  3. Head Master
  4. Subject Teacher
  5. Secondary School Class Teacher/Form Mistress
  6. Nursery/Primary School Class Teacher/Form Mistress

Each staff in the system can have multiple roles assigned to them. We can have a staff to be a Head Master and also as Accountant/Secretary. Each has their permissions based on their roles in the system and are not allowed to access features of other roles not assigned to them.

1. Accountant/Secretary

The accountant/secretary is in charge of clerical duties of the school. This user can register/view all students and parents or guardians to the school, place students under a parent/guardian and place parent/guardian under a student. View Profile details of parents and students as well as those who has paid their school fees and those pending. Accountant/Secretary takes records of all financial transactions in the school, send messages to parents using the contact information of a parent to either notify them of pending school fees of their wards (Children).

2 and 3. Principal And Head Master

The role of this staff(s) is to provide leadership, direction and coordination with the school system. To support and assist students, reister/view all students and parents in the school. Create and assign teachers to classes. Manage and view announcements from school proprietor, view students attendance, suspend or expel student from school.

The Principal And Head Master's Dashboard consists of 3 main sections -

  1. Student Management -
    • Register new student
    • View all students
    • Register Parent
    • View Parents
    • Promote Students
    • Restrict Students
  2. Teachers Management
    • Register new school teacher
    • View all school teachers
  3. Academics Management
    • Send Announcements
    • View all sent announcements
    • Change School Banners
    • Create/See School Reviews
    • Create/See School Teams

4. Subject Teacher

This staff has a first-line responsiblity for the education of all students in their classes. They have the ability to plan their lessons and give assignments to students using the system. This staff also has the ability to grade students in which they teach.

The Subject Teacher's Dashboard consists of 3 main sections -

  1. Grade Students
  2. This allows the staff to grade only students in his/her class based on the subject and class selected by the teacher.

  3. View Students -
  4. This allows the staff to view students in all the class him/her is teaching.

  5. School Assignments
  6. This allows the subject teacher to create new and view all school assignments created and assigned to students in his/her class.

5 and 6. Form Mistress

This Staff has a responsiblity of a particular class in the school system. Her role enables her take/view students attendance, Grade only students she teaches, Promote Students in her class to a new class, view announcements and edit/view profile details in the school system.

The Form Mistress Dashboard consists of 4 main sections-

  1. View Students -
  2. This allows the staff to view all students in her class, view profile details of students and view students parent's details.

  3. Promote Students
  4. This section enables the form mistress to promote/demote students to a new/old class if the student is qualified or not qualified to be in the next class.

  5. Take/view Attendance
  6. The Take attendance section allows the form mistress take attendance of students present in her class.

Student Dashboard

Student Login -

Students can access their dashboard using this link http://yourdomain/student/login

The students dashboard has 10 sections and functionality -

  1. Parents/Guardians
  2. Check Result
  3. Class Teachers
  4. Assignments
  5. Message/Complaints
  6. News/Announcement
  7. School Attendance
  8. School Fees
  9. My Profile
  10. Change Password
  • Parents/Guardians -- Students can view and check the details of any parent or guardian under them.
  • Check Result -- The Check result section enables students to view their school results both results from past sessions and current session in school by selecting term, school session, and class.
  • Class Teachers -- Student can view the profile details and information of all teachers responble for his/her class.
  • Change Password -- Students are allowed to change the auto generated password to their own preferred password.
  • All Other sections on the students dashboard and as seen on the above screenshot highlighted in red are all self-explanatory.

Parent Dashboard

Parent Login -

Parent can access their dashboard using this link http://yourdomain/parent/login

The parent dashboard has 7 sections and functionality -

  1. View Wards
  2. Check Results
  3. Appeal
  4. Message
  5. News/Announcement
  6. My Profile
  7. Change Password

Parents can see all wards they have registered in the school on their dashboard after login. Parents can also check the result of each of their wards in the school, appeal for the school management to lift wards suspension or expulsion from the school. Send message to the school management, change password and view profile details.